AЯ Kingdom characters

With so many characters, we can't show them all here, so here are a few of the amazing AЯ animals you'll find across the AЯ Kingdom. How many will you find? Where are they hiding? Maybe they need your help...?

AЯ Kingdom
Explore and have fun!

When you open the app, you will discover an amazing augmented reality world of hidden animals, creatures and more. The AЯ Kingdom™ has so many characters and worlds, called AЯ Patches™, that every day you'll find more and more fun things to do.

From finding your friends that are hiding throughout the Kingdom with Little Mooo.

Puzzle games where you'll need to solve with Hisssy.

Or prevent Baaa & Humbug from all their crazy mischievous antics.

AЯ Kingdom

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